AdWords Management

Expert Dedication, Execution and Results

The Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. team manages every client company’s reputation and brand awareness with a single certainty: we are search marketing professionals almost exclusively on growth through pay per click (PPC) advertising management.

Dedicated in-house account managers develop immediate relationships with brand decision-makers from Day One, continuing to constantly acquaint themselves fully with every brand’s individual identity and needs. The understanding that our managers and designers achieve expands from initial account review and goal-setting discussions, through the design and development processes, and into meeting every need that arises throughout our professional relationship with the client.

We set our PPC strategies apart through a fascination with the little things. Every detail in every ad appears to us as an opportunity to make a more enticing gateway into your site, where a curious searcher is converted into a customer….

Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. professionals won’t “set and forget” your PPC campaign, leaving your brand awareness, return on investment (ROI) and cost-per-click destinies to chance. Our experts will confer with you regularly – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, whatever your preference – over revealing analytics and detailed performance tracking. As we lend you our experienced recommendations, you’ll enjoy complete access both to your account whenever you need it and to our consultants’ knowledge of the latest trends in search marketing and lead generation.

We price our services flexibly, free from setup fees, and without a mandatory, binding contract specifically so that we can make ourselves available to as many brands in as many markets as possible. Many Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. clients spend roughly $5,000-$50,000 monthly toward Google AdWords campaigns. With our ongoing help, our satisfied clients have…

A well-built PPC campaign can drive traffic instantly toward your site, turn up the volume on your brand awareness across targeted searches, make bigger impressions, and help drive your brand’s ROI while equally valuable long-term search engine optimization initiatives gather steam. You have to believe that your brand is the “best in the business.” Let Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. make sure that everyone knows it.

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