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A team of business consultants, passionate about new technologies

Many online marketing firms approach increasing brand awareness through an all-encompassing approach, managing every marketing campaign’s every aspect from banner ads to social-media engagement and search engine optimization, touching on every step in between.

That’s a valid, hands-on approach. The Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. philosophy simply looks at search marketing from a different angle: we do “less” so that we can do “more” to build the brands that trust us.



A decade of expertise



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Since our founding in 2012, MGLS has helped more than 500 companies throughout various fields build bigger brand awareness, maximize their returns on investment (ROI), increase their conversions, improve their impressions – and do it all while slashing their monthly marketing expenditures. Best of all, we’ve done it with a single-minded focus on one search marketing avenue: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Our search experts aren’t here to manage every aspect of your online marketing. We are here to help your brand make the most of every angle to your PPC campaigns across platforms ranging from Google, Yahoo! and Bing to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What we do

From your initial consultation and goal-setting discussions with our highly trained professional account managers to your regular campaign-progress updates and recommendations, we root our practices in four core values:
Every employee, from our customer-service representatives and account managers to our designers, believes that complete honesty serves the best interests of our clients.
We want to build a lasting relationship, starting with gaining an understanding of your brand that’s on par with yours and moving on to clearly explaining every step in our campaign-development process to you.
We make the best impression on our clients and foster the most trust when we respond to needs quickly and precisely.
We’re genuinely passionate about our specialized role in your brand’s growth.

Services We Provide

The Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. PPC team has a mission: lead the PPC – consulting field by constantly increasing our education in the always-evolving world of search marketing trends and providing individualized service. It’s one thing to be good at many things. We’ve chosen to be great at one thing.
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