How to duck 3 search marketing mistakes that cripple small business campaigns

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The lines that have traditionally separated search marketing’s tools of the trade seemingly grow thinner every day. Anymore, what (for now) only impacts an expertise such as search engine optimization (SEO) could yet hold pivotal implications for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising specialists such as Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd..

Anymore, how can we just call anything strictly an “SEO problem?” Experts in SEO and PPC both employ many of the same applications and abide by similarly proven principles. It would be foolish not to examine pratfalls that hinder seemingly sound SEO campaigns, assume a different angle of observation and catch lessons that can better direct our PPC decision-making.

Like SEO tacticians, Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. account managers and consultants pattern every client’s campaign based on unique goals, budgets, profiles and other individual considerations. We tend to small and new businesses with particular care because these are our clients that often have the least margin for error to spend on trial and error because their time and resources are in the most precious supply.

It’s even more important than usual that we zero in early on the optimal audiences and search parameters to target with their exceptionally precious resources. Let’s take a look at three mistakes usually thought of as SEO-specific “Don’ts” that bear some lessons that are equally valuable for PPC markets to learn early…

Never underestimate local value

Bubble-bursting time: drop the David-versus-Goliath optimism that your small business is ready to take down the Amazons, Walmarts, Best Buys and other every other nationally dominant chain – for now, at least.

It could happen someday. Every big business once began as a small one. In the meantime, keep constantly in mind that one out of every three Google searches – not to mention, about 27% of mobile searches – is in pursuit of a local merchant.

Advertising with a local bent can carry the day. Ads text should always include geotargeted contact information, including an address and phone number. So should your corresponding landing pages.

More than directing potential conversions toward you as directly as possible, it puts you into the running for geotargeted keyword attention, further maximizing your visibility. In particular, go after keyword phrases containing both your business with your location (i.e., “Akron Vacuum Repair”.)

It’s good to be ambitious. For now, recognize that your first big step onto the solid ground is to become recognized as a relevant local expert.

Don’t underestimate social media, either

A significant presence for your ads on the social networks frequented by your customers can be every ounce as valuable as a well-targeted presence on Google. There’s considerable value in directing would-be customers toward your social-media hubs, but only if you tend these gardens regularly and with care. If you use online ads to link customers to your Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, keep those profiles updated and steadily supplied with engaging content. Google algorithms in particular in recent years have been steadily increasing the premium value assigned to prolific social traffic.

You wouldn’t start a face-to-face conversation by introducing yourself, then just staring blankly and expecting to gain something engaging without saying anything else. Don’t treat your ongoing online dialogue with your customer base any differently.

Don’t “set it and forget it”

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

A Guy or Gal A charms Guy or Gal B via online-dating profile. When the pair finally meet in person, B finds that A couldn’t look less like the profile picture indicated. It turns out that the avatar A used was about four years, 50 pounds and one bottled hair-coloring kit old.

How trusting do you suppose B feels right now?

As we’ve established, online marketing norms can evolve and turn on the head of a pin. So can the market for your goods and services. You can’t afford to set up a Google AdWords account and simply forget about it, unless your plan is to leave an untrustworthy impression upon the people who click your ads.

Always make sure that you’re pursuing the keywords that are currently receiving the optimal level of traffic and competition – not just the ones you chose when you started. If you run seasonal specials, make sure that you’re not still advertising once-a-year Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals in July.

It comes back to constant support and management, like the kind that the Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. team can offer you. We’ll join you in monthly, bi-weekly or weekly reviews of your account’s analytics that break out what’s working, what isn’t and what has to change immediately. Meanwhile, you’ll maintain total access to your own account at all times. Let us help you start on the right foot and stay there.

You’re the best there is at what you do. Million Global Leads Pvt. Ltd. can make sure that the world knows it.

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Hitesh Lamba

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